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Abracadabra! When our dedicated magicians make an appearance, you can be sure your children’s party will be unbelievably fun!

We have professional magicians with top notch children’s magic acts all set to pull a string of funtabulous moments out of their hats and into your party venue!

Want something extra special? Why not treat yourselves to a show by our Master Magician. A Master Magician is different to a normal Magician in that they have a huge amount of performing experience and professional magic expertise, providing a show that is unique and original.

Clown & balloon bending

Do you require dazzling, show-stopping fun for your celebration? Our clowns are sure to leave a trail of guffaws and belly laughs wherever they go!


Invite Mickey and Minnie Mouse to your children’s party and see imagination come to life!We have many magical mascots available such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Olaf, and Sonic the Hedgehog and many others!

Who is your favourite character? contact us to see which mascots are available for party events now.

Arts & Crafts

Art spaces for kids are important if you want to encourage creative activities, we are making it a space for art, crafts, learning, and exploring.

Story Telling

Storytellers provide excitement and stimulation.
Engaging kids’ activities such as storytelling can improve concentration, listening skills and help develop and enrich spoken and written language. It can also help to stimulate the imagination, contributing to Speaking and Listening as well as Creative Writing, Poetry, Drama, Music and Art.Hearing and retelling traditional tales can provide scaffolding for children’s own imaginative stories, giving the child a variety of frameworks to work from and encouraging a questioning attitude.We can create excitement and enthusiasm for History, Geography as well as English language, literature and Drama.Toddler activities such as storytellin can widen the range of children’s emotional, cultural and moral responses.

Puppet Show

Our fantastic puppet show structure will wow children and adults alike… creating excitement and fun, we will take the children on a great adventure…

A magical Performance and a behind the scenes experience, the children will be able to see a puppet demonstration and ask questions to our puppeteers once the performance has taken place.

Each of our Shows has a relative study guide and great learning value for children.

Game Organizer

Our themed parties are specially designed to entertain girls and boys aged 0-11 (although all ages can enjoy the entertainment!) If the children are over 10, they love to participate in balloon modelling and face painting workshops and activities suitable for older children. Our entertainers are experts at spontaneously rolling out this entertainment package to ensure maximum FUN for all!

Face Painting

Our Face Painters are overflowing with imagination, sure to delight the kids with spontaneous and creative face painting designs. With years of experience, our professional Face Painters are always a top pick at birthday parties, corporate events and school celebrations.

Music Class

Our lesson plans are intentional, developed using a tested and repeatable formula. The individual children activities within each lesson, such as greetings, storytime, and instrument play, are strategically placed for maximum engagement. The establishment of repetition and rituals via various kids’ activities allows children to take comfort in knowing what’s coming, encouraging creative participation within the established framework.


Looking for some cool body art without the permanence of a real tattoo? Then henna tattoos are exactly what you’re looking for. Our expert artists create intricate designs on your skin – most often on your hands and feet – that will fade away in around a month… so it’s perfect for you folks that don’t want a tat forever! Whether you want a henna tattoo just for yourself, or if you want to offer it to all your guests at an event, our henna tattoo artists will work their magic to give you a great, unique look.


From make up, manicure to hairstyle nothing is left to look the most gorgeous lady!

You can choose having one of the services or book your Golden Spa service.