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Baby Shower

Baby shower celebrations have come a long way from traditional ones especially held for the mom and her lady friends. Now, baby showers can be arranged according to the occasion, situation, or even the people connected to the new baby’s birth.

We create tailored Baby Shower packages for unique celebrations helped by our in house designer, talented stylists and trained entertainers.

We will guide you in choosing the best package for your occasion, as well as scheduling a call  to discuss your expectations.

Once we have prepared your proposal, we are inviting you in our offices located on Zayed the First Street in Abu Dhabi, or any convenient place to go through all details.

You are always welcome to visit us directly anytime you are free to  get more information!


A baby shower is a time to celebrate new life and share advice on parenting. We can help you with invitations, decor, food, and activities  plus gift suggestions for the new mom. Anyone from a family member to a coworker can host the event, which is usually held during the last two months of pregnancy.
Some couples, however, hesitate to stock a nursery before the child has arrived, and some like to hold out until the baby can be the guest of honor. It depends on you if you would prefer a pre- or post-birth shower.

Ask about personalized invitations, thank you cards, goodie bags  and other decorations. Special pricing may be required

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