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Add Ons


Looking for some cool body art without the permanence of a real tattoo? Then henna tattoos are exactly what you’re looking for. Our expert artists create intricate designs on your skin – most often on your hands and feet – that will fade away in around a month… so it’s perfect for you folks that don’t want a tat forever! Whether you want a henna tattoo just for yourself, or if you want to offer it to all your guests at an event, our henna tattoo artists will work their magic to give you a great, unique look.


From make up, manicure to hairstyle nothing is left to look the most gorgeous lady!

You can choose having one of the services or book your Golden Spa service.


Furniture Rental

Do you want to feel you are in a different place? Have a particular set up around your party, with the nicest table cloth and decoration items?

The furnitures we choose are always from the best suppliers and our in house storage. From chairs, tables to center pieces and dinnerware, your home will look gorgeous as never!

Balloon Arch

No, we are not creating basic balloon decor, We are creating the best ones!

Yes, you will be having a modern look and be happy on how balloons can fill up the place popping in all sizes and colours!

Floral Arrangement

And why not adding flowers to your special gathering?

Purple is the colour of the year 2018, be ready for some fabulous and out of your imagination combination!

We have got the best suppliers in town to fit your budget and exceed your expectation!



It’s always important to capture your best moment forever. For that special occasion, we have selected the best photographers in town, from budget friendly to your craziest expectations, we have it all in stock!


Keep record of your fabulous party to be shown to the next generation!


Let’s add some fun to your party, from accessories to fun cardboards even your guests will have their own pictures to take away! An unforgettable  souvenir from this wonderful moment.

Movie Projector

For your calm moment after a crazy party full of games and fun, finish by a movie to have all together with some pop corn and drinks.

Pop Corn Machine

Enjoy unlimited popcorn for your party, the best add ons to have as everyone like it!

Cotton Candy Machine

Yummy sweet flavours to have, blue pink purple? choose your favorite colour and enjoy one of the favorite birthday parties “gourmandises”.

Ice Cream Machine

This is the best add ons to have! Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and many other flavours to make everyone happy.